Value of Card


The Story

(Unfortunately, I don’t have screenshots of this app at present)

Regulation around credit cards changed and left a potential £3billion hole in the revenue that credit card companies could generate from credit cards. The way to mop this up was to convert people to using commercial cards as the legislation didn’t cover these.

MasterCard wanted an iPad app that their reps could use in face-to-face situations to demonstrate the savings that could be achieved when using a commercial credit card as opposed to using invoices.

Starting with a spreadsheet containing over a hundred interconnected formulae, the first thing we needed to do was build a low fidelity prototype in Axure to show stakeholders.  I built this and used the formulae from the spreadsheet so that it duplicated real world functionality as closely as possible.  Users could enter details about their business over 4 or 5 screens of information.  At the end, they would be sent a report of all the savings they could achieve.

Once we had proven the concept with the wireframes, I went on and built the actual app, importing the creative from PSD files and writing thousands of lines of Javascript to perform all the calculations that needed to take place.  I then exported everything as html and used Phonegap to create installable apps.

The biggest achievement for me was that I knew very little Javascript when I started this project and ended up building an app that ended up in MasterCard’s corporate appstore to be used by reps right across Europe.