MasterCard InControl App

The Brief

MasterCard have an app in Brazil that allows people to, amongst other things:

  • Sign up for an account
  • Add cards to their virtual wallet
  • Create alerts of the card is used outside their own country
  • Set alerts if they spend more that a certain amount per day
  • See transactions
  • Create virtual cards for specific transactions or time periods

The user experience of the app left a lot to be desired so we were given the task of building a high-fidelity prototype with enough functionality to test a number of user stories – e.g. As a user, I need to sign up for an account with the app.

Initially, I built a working prototype as an MVP that allowed users to perform a number of tasks so that we could show the stakeholders what the workflow could look like with a more intuitive UX.  Once we had the MVP defined, I worked with a creative team to come up with designs that adhered to the corporate branding.  I then sliced these up to create individual assets and brought these into Axure to build a high-fidelity version of the prototype.

Once complete, I exported the prototype from Axure to html files and used Phonegap to create an installable app that could be used on mobile devices to test with users.