Axis Communications Website


The Brief


Axis Communications provide hardware and technology for CCTV around the globe.  Our remit at OgilvyOne Business was to rebuild their website from the ground up starting with users.

We held workshops and did market research to generate personas and user journeys as the first step.  These were then used to plan the information architecture, content and functionality of the site.  Each step taken validated subsequent steps to ensure that we maintained best practice throughout the project.

As Head of User Experience, I helped collate the data from the workshops and then personally created the personas, user journeys, IA and prototypes.

The prototypes were low fidelity but involved some serious features from a functional point of view including simulated logins and a simulated predictive search which built a list of suggested results as more characters were typed.  About 40 pages of actual content were built as they were conducting lab based user testing in Sweden.  In addition to the assets I built personally, I also contributed to writing the test plan.

The thumbnail images (click to enlarge) tell the story from the first user workshops, through creating personas, user journeys, IA, some screenshots of the prototype and a screenshot of the finished home page from the Axis website.