Fitness Tracking App


The Brief

I was approached by a startup run by an old client from OgilvyOne Business who needed some consultancy done for an app he was having built.  The idea of the app was to allow users to consolidate fitness and health data from different apps.  So rather than using the Garmin app, the Fitbit app and the Samsung app and having 3 different figures for your steps depending on the device you happened to be carrying or wearing, this app would synchronise all the data and keep it in one place.

Initially, I did some simple workflows to illustrate how the app could work.  This included the processes for things like signing up for an account, adding new devices, managing activities that you wanted to import, setting goals, and everything needed to get an MVP off the ground.

I followed this by creating low fidelity prototypes to test our user stories and then created some production ready designs using Sketch.  These were imported into Zeplin for the developers to use to build a prototype that could be used for the company to show in order to get funding.

If you want to have a look at the workflows, you can download a PDF which shows some of the initial thoughts.  These have evolved somewhat but I can’t put them online for confidentiality reasons.

More images to follow.