SoftwareONE E-commerce Website


The Brief

SoftwareONE are a multi-billion dollar turnover software reseller operating in 83 different countries.  One of their offerings is Office365 where they sell from 10 to thousands of seats via offline sales teams.  Their goal was to convert some of this activity to allow people to buy seats through an e-commerce website.

As well as just being able to pick specific products, the site included a configurator whereby users were asked a series of questions about their business.  The configurator then suggested a range of products from the Microsoft range to fit their needs.

The site we were to build was to be integrated with a 3rd party supplier who would deal with provisioning the licences to the user.

Our activities included:

  • Workshops
  • Competitor analysis
  • Experience mapping
  • Personas
  • User journeys
  • Information architecture
  • Prototypes

I was personally responsible for running several workshops, and all deliverables apart from the competitor analysis.  This was a great project with a big team from SoftwareONE, some of which I’ve stayed in contact with since leaving OgilvyOne Business.  Some of the client workshops involved people coming in from all over the world or joining by webex.  These would run from early morning until late in the evening to make the most of everyone’s availability so it was often challenging to keep everything on track.