About Me

You’ll find my CV here but I also wanted to add a bit of background information to cover my history and what makes me tick.

I started my career as an electronics engineer designing test equipment for the petro-chem industry in the 80s.  This was hardcore technical stuff writing pure machine code that was embedded into oil pipeline monitoring equipment.  Anything to do with technology and electronics is still an interest of mine to this day.

I got into the internet back in around 1996 with Compuserve.  I built my first website using vi on a Sun SPARCstation.  This was an intranet housing a database of cable diagrams for engineers and a virtual in/out board written as an ActiveX component so that anyone in the office could login and see who was in or out.  This got me hooked and I went on to work for a couple of web design agencies in London before starting my own small agency on the South coast.

UX came later, probably in the early 2000s when I started looking at conversion rate optimisation for various clients and this evolved into focusing on users.  A stint of traveling back and forth to Dubai (fun but disruptive), followed by 2 years in the B2B world with Ogilvy, a year with Ogilvy Healthworld and then the National Trust brings us right up to date.

Outside work, I’ve got a family that keeps me busy.  I’m into baking (https://www.instagram.com/andyskitchenuk/) and a bit of traveling.