What I do

My skills lie at the research end of UX.  Uncovering the problems, defining journeys, testing on users and validating solutions…

UX Research

Wireframes & Prototypes

Journey Mapping

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Persona Creation

Content Strategy

Information Architecture

Measurement Frameworks

Who I am

I’m Andy Jacobs and I’m a UX researcher and consultant. I help companies achieve their business goals by putting the user first.

I have getting on for 20 years experience in conversion rate optimisation, UX and digital strategy.

What I believe

Good UX should start with uncovering the problems before validating solutions.

My job is to gather evidence to present to stakeholders so that an informed decision can be made.  It is to remove subjectivity from the equation and, wherever possible, make recommendations based on the evidence collected.  As the representative for the user, I will fight for their right to have the best experience possible and work back from that where business realities have to be balanced.

Who I’ve worked with


Contact me

The best thing to do is to get in touch using the form or the details below.

Mobile: 07727 097 555

E-mail: andy@2610.co.uk